Norberry Dental Teeth Cleaning for Gum and Oral Health

Without healthy gums, we’d have no teeth! Your “periodontium”, or the gums, bone and ligaments that hold your teeth in place, are the foundation of oral health. That is why regular cleanings are so important! Our team of hygienists can remove the hard tartar build-up that accumulates on your teeth and causes irritation to the gums, or gum disease. The hygienists can also teach you the best brushing and flossing techniques for removing plaque at home. Polishing the teeth not only removes stain and makes the teeth feel nice, but smoothes them to help deter plaque from sticking to tooth surfaces.

Fluoride is applied to strengthen teeth in order to prevent cavities, and also helps with sensitivity problems.

X-rays are taken to check not only for cavities in the teeth but also to evaluate the health of the bone anchoring your teeth in place. All soft and hard tissues are screened clinically at each visit to detect early signs of oral cancer.

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