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If you have a cavity, your dentist may keep an eye on it (if it is small) or fill it right away.  If a cavity is not filled, it can get bigger and cause pain leading to the need for root canal treatment or possibly the tooth may be lost.

Having no apparent problems does not mean you have no decay.  During a dental examination, your dentist checks the condition of existing fillings and looks for any signs of decay such as brown or black spots and may want to use x-rays to take a closer look between the teeth.

If you have a cavity and it needs a filling there are different types of fillings to do the job.   Fillings are placed in teeth with decay or fractures. We use two general types of filling material at Norberry Dental: white (composite) fillings and silver (amalgam) fillings. The choice of material is specific to the condition of the tooth, and depends on the function and location of the decay/fracture, longevity and patient preference.

As always, we are happy to discuss your options with you and can recommend that which we feel will best benefit your oral health.  Please contact us to book your appointment for consultation.

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