Preventative Services

We offer several preventative services to help you achieve optimum oral heath:

  • Regular Dental Examinations and Cleanings are your number one defense against dental problems. Cleanings not only help prevent gum disease, but are also an opportunity to detect any other decay or problems early, so they may be treated before pain results. If you appear at risk for decay or sensitivity, your hygienist may also apply fluoride to strengthen your enamel for further protection.
  • Regular Dental X-Rays are also an important aspect of prevention.  Dental X-Rays not only alert us to decay, but also can detect bone loss from gum disease, infections, or cancers of the bone.
  • Fluoride Treatment. Fluoride is a valuable treatment to reduce the chances of decay developing.   Not everyone will benefit from a professionally applied fluoride treatment.  Children are most at risk for decay and routinely are given fluoride treatments.  Adults receive fluoride treatments when they are in special risk groups which can only be identified after review of their medical information and a thorough oral evaluation.
  • Nightguards (or Bruxism Appliances) are custom-made appliances worn to reduce damage to your teeth caused by involuntary grinding or clenching of teeth while asleep. Both clenching and grinding are called para-functional activities as they are considered outside the normal realm of healthy function for the jaws and teeth. In fact, the teeth may sustain permanent damage through wear and cracking as a result of these involuntary activities . Nightguards are a beneficial preventative treatment to help maintain the integrity and health of your jaws and teeth.

We also offer the following specialty services.  Click the links below to find out more about each of our services.




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